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JK404C & JKWARC at 135 Feet

SteppIR DB18E at 100-ft

TH7DX at 60-ft
on Hy-Gain 54-ft Crank-up

This tower also supports middle of 139-ft 80M CF Zepp fed with 450-Ohm ladder line through 4:1 balun

A 4-el 2M Yagi is mounted to the side of the tower at 20 feet and an 11-el 70cm Yagi on the mast at 60 feet.

A 7-element 6m beam is planned for the fall of 2018.

Antenna switching is DX Engineering RR8B Series 8-port remote antenna switch at the base of the tower.

GAP Voyager - Used for 160m thru 40m

My experience is that the Voyager is an excellent 40m DX antenna. It is a good antenna on 80m and fair on 160m. I do not use it on 20m.

This vertical uses three counterpoise radials on the ground.

Array Solutions SAL-30 Shared Apex Loop Array - RX for 160m thru 40m

I opted for this array over multile bi-directional Beverages. Performance is comparable to my 700-ft EU Beverage, but this array is "steerable" in 8 directions. It is a very quiet antenna. Since it exhibits good F/B directionality (RDF - Receive Directivity Factor) through 7MHz, I use it almost exclusively for 40m RX.

More information on the SAL-30

EU (Az=45 degrees) 820-foot Beverage with Matching Xfrmr