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Logger+ Bandmap Command Buttons (Elecraft K3)*

Slide Bandmap Up 5 kHz UP 5/{CAT1ASC UP7}
Slide Bandmap Dwn 5 kHz DN 5/{CAT1ASC DN7}

DXLab Commander User-defined Controls (Elecraft K3)*

Send CW "AC4CA" 1X Sends CW Callsign (AC4CA) 1X 30wpm
Toggle CQ Repeat Toggle "Repeat" CQ (Requires K3 MSG at Bank 1 M1)
Send Fast Exchange Send CW "599 TX" at 35wpm
Center P3 Display Centers P3 Display in FixTrack Mode (Requires P3 Macro for FN1)
Toggle Power Toggle K3 Power 20W/100W
VFO A 14015 Span 30kHz Wide P3 Display of bottom end of 20m CW (Requires P3 Macro for FN1)
Split +2 NOSUB Toggle Split Mode Up 2kHz No SUBRX
Split +2 SUBRX Toggle Split Mode Up 2kHz w/ SUBRX
SPOT Spot Signal in Passband
TUNE Toggle TUNE Mode
* These command sequences disply as text files, so their spacing and format must be consdered, since they will vary depending on your text editor. That is, they do not display as two columns, e.g. Note & Command. Blank rows may be omitted, as well. However, you can download them direclty to your DXLab/Commander/Sequences/ folder as presented. PC users can use WordPad to see the correct format.

Offered as examples only. Be sure to test in your environment. Also, and for example, the toggle functionality can get out of sync when used with the K3 panel buttons.

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